Are you paying too much for your insurance?

You can’t be sure unless you shop multiple carriers and that will take some time. Let the Kris Posey Agency do the shopping for you! You may not be excited about shopping for insurance, but we are.


Do you have pain with your insurance? Paying too much for it? Not getting the attention that you deserve?


We want to heal your insurance pain. The team at Kris Posey Agency has worked hard to find the most competitive carriers in every market so that we can match you to the best carrier with the best rates every time.


We want to heal the pain and show you the love that you deserve. Please give the team at Kris Posey Agency a call. Let’s talk about what is giving you” insurance” pain.

About Us

In 2011 a historic tornado outbreak hit Alabama. Meteorologists call it the 2011 Super Outbreak. It was the largest, costliest, and one of the deadliest tornado outbreaks ever recorded. The event affected Alabama and Mississippi the most severely, but it also produced destructive tornadoes in Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia, and many other areas. Kris Posey was volunteering on a cleanup team helping clean up trees and debris at a location in Ohatchee Alabama and was asking himself, “how would my family recover if this had been a direct hit on our home?” How will these people recover? Kris had seen this kind of devastation at other times but especially in the 1994 Palm Sunday Tornado, which had hit his hometown and affected many friends and neighbors. This super cell storm could be tracked for over 200 miles.

In November of 2012 the Kris Posey Agency, LLC was formed with a mission to help people in the Calhoun and Etowah county area recover from the storms and casualties that affect their everyday life. Kris and his team are committed to superior customer service and are concerned with healing your insurance pain.

Insurance Rates Keep Going Up?

What should you do?

Many forces affect insurance rates. Carriers adjust rates mostly based on lag indicators. What I am saying is, it is about the bottom line. When all the things are factored together, how well did they predict the costs of the risk that they are insuring? If they did a good job rating the risk, you may not have a cost increase. When they under rate the risk, they will increase your rates to make up for the lost revenue. Some carriers spend too much on advertising. The top 3 insurance carriers spend about a BILLION $ each year on advertising. That is a ridiculous amount of money. You pay for that with your hard-earned dollars, but you don’t have to. Shop with an independent agent. The team at Kris Posey Agency will shop 7 A-rated carriers to find your best deal. You will not know if you are paying too much until you do.


Few people properly prepare for disaster, here we share things that could help you or your family when disaster strikes.

Fire Safety Planning

Pull together everyone in your household and make a plan. Walk through your home and inspect all possible exits and escape routes.  Households with children should consider drawing a floor plan of your home, marking Read more…

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