Automotive Insurance

The first question Is, Are you paying too much? Does your insurance guy treat you well when you call? Have they forgotten you? Have they worked with you to” tailor fit” your coverages? What if you are in an accident and it is your fault? Are you confident that your insurance will be right? If your accident cost more to settle than your policy was written to cover, the injured party may sue you and garnish your wages to make up the difference. You will have to pay. You buy insurance to cover this risk. Has your insurance guy worked with you to be sure you have enough coverage?

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Let’s talk about that. The team at the Kris Posey Agency will ask you the right questions and guide you as you decide how much risk do you want to take upon yourself and how much risk you want to let the insurance carrier have. Our team will have your best interest at heart. The team at the Kris Posey Agency will explain all the details and shop at least 7 A-rated carriers to find your best deal. We offer personal auto insurance, business class auto, commercial trucking and fleet insurance packages.

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